• Expertise in Light & Heavy Hydrocarbons

  • Oil Derivatives Manufacturer

  • High-Tech lab Analyzer

  • Worldwide Supplying Network

SNP at the Glance

Sadra Naft Parsian Co. (SNP) is one of the reliable and pioneering company in Iran and Middle East for production of strategic oil derivatives such as: different types of light and heavy hydrocarbons, gasoline and diesel vehicles engine oil, gear and industrial oil, octane booster, AdBlue or fuel pollution reducer, antifreeze, different types of industrial and paint thinners, and type 400 solvents as well. This company owns one of the most advanced laboratories of the oil industry, which not only allows to do chemical and physical analysis on all experimental parameters, but also is capable to supply special laboratory services to other related industries in region. Plus regional markets, Sadra Naft Parsian Co. is able to supply all enquiries in trans-regional markets strongly. Read More >>