These products are categorized into the groups of industrial and automobile gear oils.

Automobile gear oil: These are known as Vaskazin in Iran and are available in both typical (manual) and automatic one (ATF).

 Typical gear oil:It is used in vehicles with manual gear boxes. Thea additives are almost used for production of regular or manual gear oil includes: anti-rusting, anticorrosion, anti-frothing agents, pour point reducers, antioxidants, and sometimes substances for improving friction and EP materials.

Some of the important functions of typical gear oils include their load-bearing capacity and viscosity, which are used as the basis for classification of gear oil.

Sadra Naft Parsian Co. is the manufacturer of different types of gear oil in accordance with international standard indices.

SNP Motor Gear Oil Grade: API-GL4 / SAE-85W90

SNP Industrial Gear Oil Grade: SDO-220

SNP Industrial Gear Oil Grade: SDO-150